Friday, July 11, 2008

Just When You Think You're Lost

Just when you think you're lost...there is always someone there holding your hand. I was reminded of this fact when I was scrolling through pictures tonight and found this one. Stacy and I were lost in the Tibetan market and this sweet Tibetan lady kept following us around. She made us buy some jewelry that we'll probably never wear, but it serves as a sweet reminder. This past weekend I was in LR painting our house and had a major breakdown. Just being there alone, very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that had to be done, and missing Del like crazy...I kinda lost it. But, God's Word truly brought peace. He was there to speak to me in my loneliness....and He led me to see that I wasn't alone. I know this is a very simple fact, but when you are in the moment of uncontrollable tears you tend to forget these fundamental Truths. He was there comforting me when Del couldn't physically be there. He was there holding my hand like the Tibetan lady did in the market when Stacy and I thought we might be left there by ourselves for forever. (I'll go into detail about that story another day) And you know, Christ's peace truly surpasses all understanding. I can't explain it...but I KNOW that He wiped away my tears and put me to sleep that night. And you know what...I slept until 2 in the afternoon the next day!! Praise God! I woke up refreshed and desiring His Word more than ever. What a Savior we serve! I just had to give Him the glory before I went to sleep tonight.

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