Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fallin' to Pieces

Wooo-Hooo...Del has successfully completed his first Med School test and came out with flying colors!! Therefore after a long week of studying...Del and I attempted another Date Night. This time we thought it would be better to actually make a MEAL (instead of the thrown together goodness that was our last Date Night). So we decided to grill out!! The evening started out great. We played Dr. Mario, went for a long run, and then started to grill. Del was almost done grilling when he came inside to ask if I had seen his phone anywhere. I said no, as I was washing lettuce for a salad. It wasn't 1 min later, when I reached down to hit the garbage disposal that I heard EXTREME CHOPPING!! I switched it off really fast and reached into the drain and pulled out HIS PHONE!! (If you aren't aware of the Sloneker hereditary traits of leaving phones, keys, etc in random places...this might surprise you...if you are familiar you might recall a time when Del left his phone in the freezer) So, needless to say I wasn't real surprised when I pulled out the remains of his phone. After we laughed/teared up a little over this Del went back outside as I finished the side items. 
About 2 min later, I reached into the oven to pull out the Texas Toast and had forgotten that our hot pads had been failing us lately. The pan started to burn me thru the hot pad so I threw it on the stove and when I did it clipped the side of my right hand and burned me severely. I spend the rest of the night with a pack of ice on it. Maybe next week we will just go out to dinner!
P.S. If you need to get a hold of Del he probably won't have a phone until Novemeber b/c we don't want to sign another 2 year contract with Sprint...so feel free to call him on my number. 479.283.2864

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