Friday, December 12, 2008

Ok, this is my (Del) first post but there is some vital information that needs put out there so that the previous posts makes more sense. Chelsea's way of classifying all living creatures is a little less than scientific, but thats Chelsea, not afraid to buck convention. Basically, all living things fall into two categories; Cute (anything she likes and/or finds cuddly) and Rodent (anything she finds repulsive or otherwise creepy). This is important to understand as you read the previous post because when I say "anything," I mean it. A rodent can be anything from a bug, such as the one she stepped on, to a turtle. I really wish I was home to hear the reaction to the bug situation, and don't ask me about the turtle. The great part about this is when we come across a new animal (or anything alive for that matter) I turn to Chelsea and ask, "cute or rodent." It's a fun game that will sometimes illicit a glorious response. Well, thats it. Can't wait too be off and in NWA for break. 

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