Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Unexpected Surprise

Remember this guy?!?!
Well, his brother showed up this morning. Except for this time, I didn't notice him until I stepped on him when I was getting IN THE SHOWER!! YUUUUCCCKK!! Yep, just a little unexpected surprise for me this morning. I get the "creepy shivers" every time I think about it. How are these rodents even living during this time of year?! It's freezing outside! Shouldn't they all be dead? Maybe that's why one was living in our bathtub! Well, its not living anymore. If you know me, one of my greatest joys is watching rodents suffer as I kill them. (wow, that sounded aweful!...but it's true) I actually just love killing ants...but now Freak-Show-Sized cockroaches are now on the list! I hope that any unexpected surprises that come your way today are much more pleasant! Happy Thursday!

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