Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun Gifties!!

A lot of you have mentioned how you love how we created the Chalkboard Door in our kitchen. Well, I was looking online today and found this fun way to created that same look...but just not as permanent, and maybe a little cheaper! It's a Chalkboard Sticky! 
 Actually, you get 4 - 9 X 12 Chalkboard Sticker Sheets! 
After wandering through "blog land" today...I ultimately got the link from Amy Hannon's Blog. The website that I found this on is SO FUN! It's called Kir De Vries. You have to go check it out!
There tons of fun and unique gift ideas...but when I saw this painting they are selling, I automatically thought, "This SCREAMS Kim Marquette!" :) The title of this collection of paintings is called "Deerly Loved Ready to Hang Masterpieces". Ha! How Cute!!
Hope you have a Happy Saturday!

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