Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Were Going To Go For A Run....

....But we decided to have a feast instead! 
A month or two ago, Michael & Ashley Trover, and Del and I decided to run the Little Rock Marathon as a Team. So, we've been doing a little bit of training here-and-there. Today, Ashley and I talked about venturing off the treadmill and actually running outside...but that never really happened. Since Del had two really hard tests on Thursday and Friday, he has been living up his "free" weekend. So, Michael suggested that he smoke a piece of meat...and we all get together for dinner. SO WE DID! The run never happened, but the dinner did! We had enough to feed 1/2 the Duggar Family. It was a fantastic meal, but the best part about it is...we have enough leftovers for tomorrow night's "24 Watch-Party" (that we have every week) with Michael and Ashley. I guess you could say that we really like hanging out with them!! :)

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Corby and Lauren said...

JEALOUSY!!!! I wish we all lived in the same town, so we could hang out all of the time too!!!