Saturday, April 4, 2009

Annie's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, My mom and I, along with Martha and her mom Julia, hosted a baby shower for our good friend Annie. It was such a blast but more than anything, it was a blessing being around these special friends.
Of course, the morning couldn't have started without a "cutting catastrophe". I was making pumpkin muffins and sliced my finger open on the serrated edge of the can of pumpkin. But, what was funny, was when Annie arrived, she had had a catastrophe of her own! So, we thought it would be best to document the experience! :)
The whole day was filled with seeing fun friends! Like Gene and Alexis!
Megan (our Cell Group leader in high school) with Annie and Martha
And some of Annie and Martha's former Cell Group girls came! What a precious moment!
Brooke, Elle, and Annie
Annie's family surprised her with The Ultimate Stroller!! It is maybe one of the coolest baby items I have seen thus far! She was so excited!!
But for me, the best gift was being around 2 people that I love very much!
Annie is due in June! I can't wait to meet Baby Patton!

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laurie said...

WISH I HAD BEEN THERE!! Or at least gotten invited!