Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dave is in the House!

{Warning...Lot's of Prepositions used to start sentences! Proceed with caution!!}

Recently, Dave Ramsey has become a common name around the Sloneker house. At least once a day I hear, "You know, Chelsea, Dave says..." from my husband. Sometimes I think to myself, has Dave moved in with us? But seriously, His budgeting system is AMAZING! It has really helped us stay on track and start saving for "the future"...whatever that means. However, since we started this journey "to financial freedom", Del and I have been reminded numerous times of this SNL sketch. We find ourselves quoting it very often and then just dying laughing. Just watch it and you will understand why.


Blaire said...

Seriously, Dave has made himself at home at the Perry house too...i feel like I should be wearing a bracelet that says "wwdd?" to remind myself all the time that I need to think about what dave would do...

The Slonekers said...

ha ha ha!! you need to make those bracelets right away!