Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok, after reading some emails, I thought I should clarify about our
hike up Pinnacle Mountain last weekend. It TRULY was just a hike...but
a hard one at that. There was no ACTUAL rock climbing involved (like
with ropes and harnesses)...but because the side of the mountain is
made up of big boulders, we were climbing up and over rocks the entire
way up. It was not a death-defying hike by ANY means, I'm just a huge
weenie and get scared really easily when it comes to heights and steep
slopes. (You can refer back to my post about our ski trip last spring
break to further proove this point. Ha!) I'm sorry if I made you think
I was scared for my life, I really wasn't. I was just trying to
explain how that experience further reaffirmed my questioning of why
rock climbing is fun. I hope this clears things up! :)

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather again this week...and
stay tuned for the Giveaway coming soon!


Corby and Lauren said...

Don't kid yourself... the hard side is HARD! And scary!!! It makes my heart race just thinking about it!

Janet Reno said...

" I wish you weren't a liar."

The Slonekers said...

I had NO IDEA Janet Reno read my blog! I feel so honored...even if she does think "i'm a liar". :)