Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 Years Ago Today....

Five years ago Today,
was our beautiful Summer Wedding Day.
We stayed up so late the night before,
searching for my passport to view the Jamaican Shore.
As I laid in bed, the morning of,
I was consumed with thoughts from above;

"I can't believe The Day is here,
Thank you Lord for being so near.
You have been with us from the beginning,
Only You knew the incredible man I was getting.
I pray that this day will bring You honor and praise,
and with each year that passes our hearts would be set ablaze.
May Your Word be our roadmap for life,
for today I become Del's one and only Wife!
The way You've woven us together is better than a dream,
and I can't wait until 6 o'clock when we officially become a Team!"

The day was filled with so much fun and laughter,
beginning with the bridesmaid's hair...that became a huge factor.
Back to the hotel we flew,
to try and re-do those horrific up-do's!


With everyone's help, everything turned out great,
and now it was time to go meet my mate!
I remember seeing him at the end of the isle,
his black tux, strong stature...and beautiful smile.
"Oh Lord, thank you for choosing me,
to be this man's wife & companion, in this life until eternity."

We said our vows with tears filling our eyes,
until Sam, our Pastor, had one final surprise.
It had been 1 year, 4 months, and 2 days since our last kiss,
so this was a moment he didn't want to miss.
After the joyful sound of "You may now kiss your bride",
Sam stopped us, like a runner in mid-stride.
He said he was proud of the decisions we had made,
but we all knew that our sacrifice was nothing, compared to The Price that had already been paid.


Looking back on that beautiful day, I keep thinking "Has it really been that long?"
Yes, it's been 5 Years! O' Where has the time gone?
Now we ask, "What will the next 5 or 10 be like?",
"Will there be little ones, each with their own bike?"
That we don't know...but we do know this,
This marriage that began with a kiss,
will continue to grow stronger with each day that passes,
Because it's the Lord that holds us together, even when there's clashes.


To God be the Glory, for He alone made us a Team
So, on Him we will continue to lean,
when times get tough or certain things come our way
we will look to Him each and every day.



Corby and Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope your breakfast was great this morning! Who knew you were such a talented poet?!?!? I love this... and I especially love that my horrific hair made it in the post! I mean, do you even remember what that guy did??? It was slicked to my head!

Kari Beth said...

happy anniversary!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

You're so creative- i love the poem. That's neat that Sam married you all too! We were his first wedding!

Blaire said...

Pretty sure that you are one of the most creative people I know! Happy Anniversary! Love yoU!

Pixie said...

Happy Anniversary! Such pretty pictures!

Chris and Jill said...

So, just read this today, happy anniversary a day late! I love your heart and Chris and I are so thankful for y'all's friendship! Congrats on 5 years, I'm excited to see how the Lord will use you all over the next many years!

Emily Richardson said...

Chelsea- this is awesome! I love how you included specific things from your wedding day and you two are such incredible people!