Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet Me Here Monday: Take me out to the Ball Game

For us, this wonderful Memorial Day Weekend was filled with Burgers, Brats, Brothers, Baseball....and Best Buds!!
My Best Friend, Ashley, her parents, and my parents, all came into town to watch Ashley's Brother, Andrew play baseball. He plays for the Corpus Christi Hooks, so it was great seeing him play pro ball after "watching him grow up" after all these years! Makes a girl proud {yes, and I'm not even blood related! ha.}

But it was a beautiful weekend....and it was even better spending it with great friends and family...while eating and spending time doing things that were "super American" on this Holiday Weekend. :)
I mean, it doesn't get much more American than eating Burgers and watching Baseball. Don't you think?

The Rents.

Oh Little Billy. Always a character.

My Love.

Andrew, coaching 1st Base.

 The Bestie.

The Whole Fam. What a good lookin' Crew!

Sisterly Love.

That's our boy!

The rest of our weekend was spent....sleeping. ha! Just kidding. Well, not really.
I think we were all so full from our gigantic lunch we ate before the game, we all fell asleep at 9:30...and that was pushing it!
But then today, we woke up refreshed and spent most of the day digging out a little "garden" for our tomato plants {that I'm going to try and not kill this summer} and replacing the Hydrangeas {that I did kill last summer} with new Hibiscus Trees/Bushes/Plants {whatever you call them}.
As you can see, I don't necessarily have a "Green Thumb". Del actually calls me the Grim Reaper when it comes to gardening....but I think this summer might be my shining moment.
....all I have to do is remember that water is a very important element for survival!

Happy Memorial Day!

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D said...

Where is your cute red and white tank top from? I saw it on another blog too and am obsessed with it!

Dawn in NC

p.s. I love looking at all your baby photo shoots!