Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet Me Here Monday: Little Rock Strikes Again.

I had all the intentions in the world to post a cute little 15 week Prego Pic, and telling you all about how I am feeling, and what verse we memorized for Baby Sloneker this week.....but unfortunately, Little Rock has struck again are we are now left here feeling thankful...but very unsettled.

Yep, I came home this evening and found our door wide open with the with dents and cracks all in it. It took me a second to realize what had happened, but when I looked around the corner and saw major electronics missing, I knew we had been robbed.

The Current Score:
Little Rock: 4
Del and Chelsea: 0

The worse part about the whole thing was that I immediately realized that Burt was missing as well. I didn't know if he had gotten scared and run off when the thieves were kicking in our door, or if the evil men had taken him. {I of course automatically thought of the worse case scenario, and had a major breakdown} I immediately called 911 and then called Del, because I was to scared to look through the house myself to see if they were still in there. Del arrived in about 3 seconds and went man-hunting though the house, just hoping to find someone that he could kick in the shins {that's my wife-version} for making his wife cry and taking everything she uses for her business! Get 'em, honey!
Unfortunately, all the evil men were gone....and so was our dog.

Susan and Kristin immediately showed up and started driving around searching for Burt. We joined the search crew once the cops and crime scene investigators left. We looked for a few hours, sending out pictures and prayers hoping that someone had seen him. Finally, on our way home a wonderful lady emailed me back, saying that she thought she had our dog and that he was sleeping with her puppies. We arrived at her house...and it was BURT! Rescued once again!!

So, now we are left feeling a little unsettled...but also thinking about all the ways we can Jack-Bauer-Proof our house. But until then, we are thankful that our little "family" is back together...and all the other not-so-little stuff can hopefully be replaced so that I know...actually take pictures again somehow. :\

We would appreciate your prayers that all of the insurance stuff that we are about to embark on, would run smoothly and that God would calm our fleshly-anger/disappointment/worry, and turn it into something that would glorify Him. And while you're at can also pray that this is streak of awful experiences is just a Little Rock thing and not a Del and Chelsea thing. We would like this stuff to end as soon as we move...or before! :)

Thanks and thanks for Meeting Me Here!


Phillip and Sam said...

Yikes! At least you weren't home when they broke in!! I'll be praying for you guys!

Oh and I bet it's just a Little Rock thing :)

Sarah Fries said...

My word! That is so unsettling. I will definitely be praying for those feelings, the insurance, and your equipment/appointments. Glad you all and your dog is ok!

Also, congrats on the precious baby! I'm so excited for you all and will continue to pray for that too!

Lauren Lashlee said...

Oh my gosh, Chelsea!!!! I would have been scared to death.. I cannot imagine! So thankful that yall were not home and that you found Burt! It is definitely just a Little Rock thing.. Ugh some people. I'm sorry about all of your things- that is so frustrating. I will pray for insurance to cover every single bit! Bless your heart.