Wednesday, March 27, 2013

14 Months and Climbing

As I walked by our office/playroom the other day I saw this site that made me run and grab my camera..tip-toe around...stalk my child for a few minutes while taking pictures of him....all while I watched, smiled, and felt my heart melting because once again...we are moving into a new phase. Climbing.
Sweet Boy had climbed up in the chair all by himself as I was cleaning up after breakfast, and was playing with his toys as if no one else was around. Melt.
...which of course was followed by him pushing all the toys off the chair....
....and then climbing down all by himself too!! Ahh....who taught him this? He's getting so big!
Busted. He spotted me! ha.
 Hey mom! Watch me climb!!
 And yes, I know our windows are covered in little fingerprints....but I can't bring myself to clean them! I kind of love it.
Great Job, Sweet Davis. You are picking up new things every single day and we are so proud of you!

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