Friday, May 30, 2008

Army News & Need of Prayer

We found out some news today that wasn't the greatest. As most of you probably know, Del was sworn into the Army a few months ago because we felt like this was the best option while he is going through Med School. So, in turn Del will enter Med School as 2nd Lieutenant, but has to complete a 6-week Officer Basic Training program. We had been planning on him going to Officer Basic Training this summer, but we found out today that His recruiter never enrolled him in this program...and now we are only 12 days away from when he was planning on leaving. One of his recruiters said today that now there is only about a 5% chance of him being able to we are praying for that 5%. The reason this is such a big deal is because we didn't really have a "plan B" because we didn't think we needed one...its the ARMY!! And because of that, Del has already quit his job so that we would have time to move down to Little Rock and spend time with his family before he had to leave. So, we would just ask you to join us in praying for that 5% chance that he could go. Ultimately the Lord is sovereign and His plans are perfect. So, if He doesn't want Del to go this summer it will all work out...and a better plan will surface. Thanks for listening and for your prayers. I will let you know on Monday what happens!!

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