Monday, July 21, 2008

One Week From Today!

One week from today Del will be home!! Woo-Hoo!! I can't wait. My parents and I are going down to LR to put the finishing touches on the house and then will come back just in time to pick him up from the airport. So, what have I been doing to pass the time and keep my mind off how much I miss our Soldier...well, here are some pictures of my summer. I have really enjoyed spending time with friends and family...and it's not over yet!! In a week, Del and I will get to spend time with them together!!

(These are some of my best friends from High School. Gretchen, Laurie, Annie, and Rosemary)

My best-good friend Val. She just moved to NY to make it big on Broadway a week ago. She is amazing and is going to be so successful...I miss her already!

Some of the guys I worked with at Lewis and Clark, at Val and I's "self-declared" going away party!

All the people that came to Val and I's party. And, yes, that's right, we are laying on one of those huge parachute things that you played with in P.E. in elementary school. Val's husband, Neal, is a youth, of course, they had one!

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