Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He is Home!!

Del is home from Officer Basic Training!! Yea!!! Actually, we had a last minute change of plans. Originally, he was suppose to fly home on Sunday and I would just pick him up from XNA...but on Wednesday I decided to go down to San Antonio and surprise him!! I left Little Rock on Saturday morning, arrived in San Antonio on Saturday afternoon, went to Del's graduation on Sunday morning, and we left for Little Rock on Sunday at 2pm. Woah. What a whirl-wind trip...but SO worth it. I think I really would have regretted not being there for his graduation. (Thanks for the advice Kristy Hunter). Here are some pictures from Del's time at OBLC and his graduation. We are all really excited to have him home! Now, we get to pack everything up and move to Little Rock tomorrow! 

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