Monday, August 4, 2008

Screamed Like A Girl

I am still laughing to myself as I write this story. So, incase you didn't know, Del and I have officially moved down to Little Rock. We are living in a little house right across the street from UAMS. We have been unpacking since Thursday and we are almost done. In the midst of moving and unpacking I am also trying to find a job. Well, (here is where the story really begins) we just got home from a second interview I had with a family for a nanny position. (p.s. it went really well...i'll post the results later) We had just gotten home and I was checking my email in my "office" (it's just a little room off the kitchen that i've turned into my personal sanctuary)...when I saw the BIGGEST cockroach ever. I (of course) screamed like a girl and ran out of the room to get Del. By the time he got in the room it had "disappeared". So,  he sat down to check his email and I left the room. All the sudden I hear another scream and I look in the office and he is dancing around yelling "it's in my shirt!!" He takes off his shirt and I see this black thing leap into the closet. I swear these things can fly...either that or they get the gold medal for long jump. When Del opens up the closet door, it leaps out into the curtains. Then Del beats the curtains mercilessly. Then it died. We now have roach hotels all over the house because if that would have been me, my heart would have stopped beating and I wouldn't be alive to tell this funny as it is. We hope you guys have a great week and you'll be hearing from us soon!
Here is a picture of the "little guy" that felt the need to grace us with his presence tonight.

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