Friday, September 12, 2008

Is it Wrong?

Today we said goodbye to "our first car" (that Del and I purchased together). It turns out that the damages were so bad that it is a total loss. We didn't think that it would affect us like it did...but we were actually really sad about it. Is it wrong to be sad about losing a vehicle? We know that it's just a material possession and we wouldn't be taking it with us to heaven anyway...but we are still marking it up as a loss in our books. So, after taking a few final pictures by it and then watching the tow truck drive it away from the house, I went to the gym and had things put in MAJOR perspective for me! I was watching the news about hurricane Ike and I am reminded of how LITTLE we lost compared to what is about to hit some of the families down in Texas. Let's all keep them in our prayers that the damages would not be as bad as they are expecting.

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The Baileys said...

I love it that you included Burt in on the sadness. And, yes you can be sad!