Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heart Attack Hogs

My First Game at War Memorial Stadium
Final Score!! Go Hogs!!
Last night Del and I cheered on the Hogs until the last second at War Memorial Stadium! What a game! I'm not real sure about their strategy of waiting until the 4th qtr to really turn up the heat...but it's working and we have another "W"!! I do have to send a shout out to Mark and Jenessa for the AMAZING tickets! We love you guys and are amazed that we were able to attend a Razorback game during Del's 1st year of Med School. AND....when we were walking back to the house from the stadium (yes, we live that close so if anyone ever needs a place to stay for one of the games...please call!!) we stopped off at Taco Bell/KFC to get a Coke b/c I was dying of thirst. We saw some fun Cell Group Kiddos from Springdale and the guy at Taco Bell/KFC gave us the Coke for FREE!! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!! I think things are looking up here in Little Rock. 

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