Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank You Hurricane Gustav

You might be wondering why we haven't posted anything in a few days. Well, there is actually a really good reason for that! It was Tuesday night when Hurricane Gustav decided to grace Little Rock with its presence. Del was studying and I was watching a movie when we heard a huge gust of wind and a big thump. I thought the porch swing had hit the front of the house, but Del thought it was something else....and boy was it!! He ran out the door to see this.....
Yep....a HUGE OAK TREE FELL ON OUR CAR!! It fell out of our neighbors back yard, across the street, on our car, and into the back yard. It knocked their power out, but it only hit our cable (hence the reason I haven't been about to blog about this yet). So, three days later, the street department has come to remove the tree from the car, the cable man has come to repair our cable, and the adjustor has come to assess the damage. I will say if you need a great insurance agent, call Matt Hartness. Not only is he one of our good friends, he is a GREAT business man!! So, that has been our week thus far. But, you know what....God is still in control! I'm not sure of the reason behind all this stuff happening...but He knew we could handle it and He put it in our lives for a reason. 
I am getting ready to start studying Moses in Bible Study this I have been reading a book on him these past few weeks to try and get my mind and heart ready for what God is going to teach me. Well, when I opened up the book yesterday, this is what I read: "God must break through several hard, exterior barriers in our lives before He can renovate our souls. His persistent goal is to break through to the inner person. As David acknowledged, "Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, and in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom (Psalm 51:6)"--Charles Swindoll. Maybe God is trying to do a little pre-renovation before the "Extreme Chelsea's Soul Makeover" begins! I'll keep you posted on the lessons I'm learning along the way....I'm sure there will be plenty! Have a great weekend.


Marc and Michelle said...

Chelsea- I'm so sorry you have had such a rough past couple of weeks. We will be praying for you! p.s. The group misses you a lot!

Milton said...

I saw your f'book status and came here to check up on ya. What in the world?! I had no idea y'all were in LR either. Hang in there kiddo!

P.S. Box Turtle is my favorite store ever. Check it out on Kavanaugh if you haven't already found it!