Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today, our Community Group participate in Sharefest. If I understand it correctly, it is a nationwide event that churches take part in to help out their communities. It was great. We worked at an elementary school in Maumelle. We did a lot of landscaping and the guys built an awning. I thought it was awesome because it felt like we were starting to become part of the community. We love our new community group. A lot of the people in it, we knew from college. So, being surrounded by people we already love and then getting to meet new ones is AMAZING! 

Michael and Del...Serious Work.
The girls!
Zack, working hard!
Michael and Del
Ashley and Precious
I think that Del and I's plans for the rest of the day consist of....hanging out by the fire and relaxing!! Del had a big test of Friday so, he has a free weekend with no studying!! Hallelujah!! Then tomorrow, my dad is coming into town (so we will have lunch with him) and we are having a Pre-Thankgiving-Thanksgiving Feast at our house with a bunch of Del's Med School Buddies! Today was the start of a great weekend! Then just 3 days (Mon,Tues,Wed)...and we will be heading home for the REAL FEAST!!  Have a great weekend!!

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