Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Final Weigh-In

Congrats to Michelle (and Jillian, her trainer!!) Last night was the Final Weigh-In for Season 6 of "The Biggest Loser"...and it was FABULOUS!! I LOVE seeing people lives, physically (not spiritually) be saved by being on this show. I think it's one of the most encouraging shows out there. Every week I'm motivated by it...I mean look at these transformations! I will admit...I got a little teary-eyed at the thought of not watching it on Tuesday nights...until the preview for next season came on!!! January 6th!! Here is the trailer for what is to come!

I love it! I absolutely can't wait!! Del said that a lot of the money that America spends on healthcare is on obesity and other related disorders. Then to see this show...and to see that just by exercising and eating right...those problems can DISAPPEAR...that's amazing! 

When I was working at Lewis and Clark in Rogers, there was a lady that came in one day that looked really familiar.  I recognized her face from a local commercial I had seen...and so I asked her if she was the same lady. She said  yes, and as it turned out, a local gym was doing their own "Biggest Loser" Challenge, and she was the winner! She said that it had totally changed her life. She use to sleep with a breathing machine--and she doesn't now, and she use to have diabetes--and she doesn't now! WOW!! I was totally blown away. 

But, even above all have to be healthy spiritually. And, I wish that this show had that incorporated into it...because having Jesus as your personal LORD and Savior is the ONLY way to Truly have your life saved.

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