Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Sunday Tea Party

Two Sunday's ago, Alyssa (Del's 6 yr. old sister) wanted to have a tea we did! Alyssa and I went to the store and picked up a few necessities for the party like: Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chips, some Yellow Daises  and Chex Cereal. When we got home, Lynda got out her grandmother's tea set and then we waited for the guests to arrive. While we waited, we made Puppy Chow...which naturally goes great with hot tea! When all the guests had arrived we sat down and discussed some very meaningful topics like; What is your favorite part about Christmas? and What is your New-Year's Resolution? :) All-in-all...a good time was had by all the guests!

Lynda Serving Everyone their Tea.
Of Course if you didn't want tea, you could have Sparkling Grape Juice
Charles enjoying his Tea
Puppy Chow...a Tea Party Necessity
Alyssa...loving every minute of this party!!
Del and Justin even joined us!
And of course, a Tea Party isn't complete without some Handy Manny Tools! :)

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