Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Biggest Weirdo

Yep..I think I'm the Biggest Weirdo about "The Biggest Loser". Without planning it, I started out the day by doing "The Biggest Loser Cardio Blast" Workout DVD.
Then, I went home and made some yummy Lettuce Wraps, from "The Biggest Loser Cookbook"
(notice Del in the background...what can I say...we are both weirdos!)
Then, while eating our Lettuce Wraps, Del and I watched "The Biggest Loser, Season 7" 
(after the Razorback game of course...whoo-hoo...Go HOGS!!)
That pretty much summed up my day!

1 comment:

Kari Beth said...

love the picture of del! hilarious!