Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

I have been tagged to do this on Facebook...but it will be so much more fun to blog about it!!
So, here we go.
Here are 25 Random Things about me!

1. I have severe dry eyes. I found this out on my birthday this past year. The doctor said it could be due to my Rosacia! What?! I have Rosacia?

2. I hurt myself pretty much every time I cook dinner. (as you know from previous posts)

3. I use to think I wanted 9 kids, b/c one of my best friends (annie, pictured below in the red fleece) married a guy that is one of 9 kids and they have the coolest family!
(This is a picture of that family! They are multiplying b/c they have started getting married and having kiddos!)

4. Speaking of having a big family, I am an only child, but I h
ave 3 brother-in-laws and 3 sister-laws.

5. I LOVE infomercials!!!

(Funny Side Note--I actually bought this product when I was younger!)

6. I grew up in Eureka Springs

7. One of my favorite movies from as a child was La Bamba!

8. I LOVE wedding cake. So much that my parents use to get me mini wedding cakes for my birthdays!
(this is a picture of Del and I's ACTUAL wedding cake)

9. If there is one tallent I wish I had it would be to have an AMAZING singing voice. I'm pretty sure that God didn't give me one b/c He knew I would use it for my own glory and not His.

(Ha! Yep...this is Celine Dion! Maybe another Random Fact in of itself! I wish I could have seen her in Vegas!)

10. I had a secret desire to be a Wal-Mart checker for a long time. Self-Checkout satisfied that desire!

11. I LOVE Jillian Michaels (from "The Biggest Loser")!

12. I feel that the world is a safer place when I see Jack Bauer on the television! (we love us some 24)

13. I would like to be cast as a backup dancer in a musical (like Hairspray)!

14. I never thought I would be an Army Wife....but I'm glad I am, and I'm excited about the adventure ahead of us!

15. Del and I talk about living in a cabin in Colorado almost everyday. I don't know how that really works with being in the army...but, we'll see!

16. I get very sleepy when riding in cars. I like to blame my parents for that one. They use to drive me around to put me to sleep when I was a baby.

17. When I was little, I always wore dresses and never wanted to be dirty. My mom says that one time I threw a huge fit when a leaf fell on my shoe.

(obviously, this is not me...but what a funny picture!)

18. One of my favorite breakfast meals is: Rick's Sausage Rolls and 1/2 dozen doughnut holes with Chocolate Milk! 

19. Just this week, I have been informed that my picture is up in two different locations in NWA. A Wedding picture at Rick's (does that mean I get free Sausage Rolls for life?) and this one (below) at World Garden in Bentonville!
(See! Here is the picture of me and the cute Tibetan Kiddos. It sits right here on my bookcase!)

20. Oh! Del and I went to Tibet last year!

21. On Del and I's Wedding Day, we hadn't kissed for 1 yr, 4 months, and 2 days.

22. On that note: It's been 3 1/2 years since we got married, and I still haven't ordered our wedding pictures! (I have it on my to-do list for this weekend!)

23. I gained 20 pounds my Freshman year in college!
(Eating bagels with REAL cream cheese everyday was not the wisest choice, but this is what I looked like when I won Del's heart!)

24. I worked retail for 6 years, and now I am a nanny for two sweet little kids.

25. It has taken me almost 3 days to compete this!


windyday said...

That is exactly why I have not sat down to write out my 25 things... it might take me a month! But it is fun to learn random things!!!

Haguewood said...

Didn't we slap a big fatty slice of ham or several strips of bacon upon those bagels and real cream cheese?...dear lord!

Katie said...

What a heinous picture of me! I guess eating Lucky Charms for a second dinner every day wasn't good to me either.