Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grand Slam!!

What were the sweetest words you heard yesterday? For Del and I it was, "Free Grand Slam"!!
So, right when I got home from Bible Study we packed up and headed to Denny's to get our FREE Grand Slam!! What a way to start the morning!! The line was long, but they were herding them in there like cattle! I have never seen a place more packed on a Tuesday morning! And, as we were eating our breakfast, I looked over and a guy was eating an omelet! WHAT? Why would you order an omelet when you could get a FREE Grand Slam? Oh well! I think the funniest thing about the morning was seeing Austin Bell (one of our friends from NWA and a fellow UAMS student), and then two of our community group leaders, Kevin and JT! It reminded me of Chick-fil-A camp outs when the entire FSM staff would show up! Ahhh, the joys of free food! 

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