Saturday, January 31, 2009

All Before 10AM

Whoa...What a Morning!!! Del had the guys over for Man Breakfast. They were going to be arriving at 8, so I woke up at 6:20 to preheat the oven and get the potatoes ready. Then for an hour I prepared the potatoes, organized, straightened, cleaned, dusted...and at 7:10 it got a little crazy! Del had jumped in the shower, and the steam from the shower set off the fire alarm, which set off our security alarm, which made ADT call and see if we needed the fire department to come...and all of this is happening while the timer for the potatoes is going off and Del is yelling from the shower "What's going on?! Is everything ok?" So we get everything shut off, I finish cleaning the ceiling fans (random, I know), cook the casseroles, the guys show up at 8, we eat a wonderful breakfast, I update our blog (isn't it cute?!), Del cleans the kitchen, he's out the door to go study in the library, and it is now 10:25AM and I'm  headed out the door to make it to the bank before it closes! And when I get back...I'm going to take a nap! What did you guys do this morning? Hopefully it was more restful than ours was! Happy Saturday!


Kari Beth said...

i honestly love saturdays like that! early mornings...afternoon naps...doesn't get much better! with that sad, we just woke up :)

love the new layout!

kate said...

Geez, what a crazy morning! Hopefully the rest of the day will slow down a bit. I love your do you get your picture at the top? Do you use a certain website?

Ben Cashion said...

i love reading your blogs! oh, this is louise, not ben :)