Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting Organized

Because of my LOVE for infomercials, Del says that when I get really excited about a product it sounds like I am actually on one! (I blame my dad- it's a generational thing...and he got me started young. I mean is it weird that I purchased my first food dehydrator by the age of 8?)
So, in my best infomercial we go!!

Have I got something for you guys!! In keeping with the spirit of New Year's Resolutions (this wasn't really one of mine...but one that can always use a little refining) I decided that I was going to jump on the "Productive Train" today (on my day off) and Get Organized!! And look at my new best friend that is going to help me out!! Isn't she SUPER CUTE!?!
Yep, this isn't just any 'ole filing folder. She is green and brown, and when you open her up, she is even more beautiful on the inside!
Look at that...A Calendar, Dividers, Labels...and not only that...there is a ring so that you can hang her up!!
How much do you love that!?! I fall more in love with her every time I open her up! I have had this little beauty for a few months now, but haven't really put her to use. Since I am now in charge of the "finances" (a.k.a. paying the bills on time), I think this little beauty is going to really help me out! Well, I don't know if it will really help me pay the bills (since we do everything online) but, at least I won't have massive stacks of paper laying around! If you too are in need of a new "organizational best friend" you can pick one up at your nearest Container Store!

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Haguewood said...

That thing is amazing----and I think I need it!