Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday was the "official" day of what?
Yes! Love! I wish I could say that this is a picture of Del and I, but it's not. It is a picture that I took of my best buddy Val and her husband, Neal in NYC. 
(They are the ones I went to visit in New York)
Still, I thought the picture was appropriate for the day!!

Historically, Del and I don't do much for Valentine's Day. For example, one year he got me an autographed picture of Fabio! It was quite hilarious! But for this Valentine's Day...we decided to do a little more for each other.

Our V-Day started off with a wonderful gift exchange!
Del added a sweet heart charm to my Pandora Bracelet! It meant a lot because the is the first charm that he has added.

I put together a group of frames that included a prayer that was written for us by our pastor, Sam Hannon, and said at our wedding. (Thank you Sam for these special words) It has always meant a lot to us, so I thought that it would be nice to have hanging in our room.
It was funny putting this one together because I just had to watch our wedding video and hit "play", "pause", "play", "pause"...over and over again to write down all that was said.

After our gift exchange, we had a beautiful and yummy breakfast.
Check out these omelets!! Del has been "homesick" for Jamaica recently, so he decided to make a Jamaican Omelet. They were super yummy!
Then, Del had planned a hike up Pinnacle Mountain. It was great! We even took the dogs!
Pretty much everyone that passed us said, "Woah! What kind of dog is that? Is that a Polar Bear?"
After the hike we came home and watched a lame-o movie. Then we got ready for dinner at Cafe Prego. It was our first time to eat there...and let's just say the experience was....interesting.

Since I had to make our reservations for 6:00...we were done eating super early. So, we didn't really know what to do the rest of the night. Then Del had a revelation from the Lord that spoke to my very needs! We decided to go to Kroger and get stuff for cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries! (Two things that I have been craving for days!!)
And after that we ended the night with a riveting game of Scrabble. I will say....I WON!!! I really feel like my Scrabble skills are improving. I hope all of you had a great Valentine's Day.

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