Friday, February 13, 2009

"I Pictured A Picture of You Ms. Chelsea"

Yesterday, Sweet Girl (one of the kiddos I nanny for) was sitting on my lap and she looked up at my eyes and said, "Ms. Chelsea, what is that on your eyelashes?" I told her that it was mascara and it made my eyelashes longer! Immediately she said, "OH, I should draw a picture of you!" So, of course I supported that idea, because her drawings are one of my FAVORITE things about her! When she showed it to me she said, "I pictured a picture of you Ms. Chelsea!" Yes you did Sweet Girl!! Here is the work of art!
If you are wondering what those giant curly-Q's are that are coming out of my eyes....well, those are my eyelashes of course! That is obviously how long they get when I put on mascara!! I love it! 

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Corby and Lauren said...

That must be some fabulous mascara!!!!! What a precious picture! I miss the days of Annalise and her drawings of me... they were always hilarious!