Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project Time!!

Sometimes I get bored, but sometimes I just love craft projects! Especially if they serve a purpose and are practical. Since Del and I moved into this little house, we noticed that we didn't have anywhere to leave notes for each other...and post-it notes started accumulating in random places! So, I thought, "what we need is a chalkboard!" Therefore, I turned this blank door....
...into a beautiful masterpiece! 
Well, it's actually no masterpiece...but it serves a great purpose! Now we have no excuse for not knowing our scripture that we are suppose to be memorizing, or knowing what is for dinner tonight! It also helps if you feel the sudden urge to create a beautiful chalk mural!


Kari Beth said...

ummmmm...AWESOME! i wish i had a spare door to do this too. i think i might just do it on our pantry door anyway! i love it...what a great idea. thanks for the inspiration.

Marc & Michelle said...

Chelsea! I love this idea! They did this on Jon and Kate plus 8 for their recycling bins!