Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brides, Babies, and Birthdays

Event #1: Race for the Cure
The weekend started out with a quick 5K. I ran on the Brides for the Cure Team. It was fun because I got to see some of the girls and guys from our old Community Group that were also on the team.
Every year, I pretty much just run with tears in my eyes because of the signs that people wear "in memory of" or "in celebration of" their friends or family that have been affected by breast cancer. This year I decided to participate and wear one "in celebration of" Mama Jan (my friend Val's mom) and Del's Grandma Turner.
But the tears didn't really start rollin' until I saw this:
I immediately got goose bumps, because I had just read on Windy Hall's Blog about Kathy. So I immediately stalked this mysterious person with this sign on to see if I knew them. I ran behind this woman the entire time...and when we got to the end, I realized it was my friend Carol Holmstrom! We use to work together at Lewis and Clark, and now her and her husband do a FANTASTIC job working with Celebrate Recovery at Fellowship Bible Church NWA.
We then ran across another "Fellowship Staffer", Derek Horn. He and Carol were both running for Kathy! It was really special.
About 3 days before the race, my mom and her Arvest buddies decided to join the team. They are so fun!

Event #2: Katie Wilson's Baby Shower
Right after the race, I rushed home and got ready to host a baby shower for our sweet friend Katie.
Erin (my sister-in-law) made these yummy and really pretty chocolate covered strawberries. I think she should start a business!
But, the best part of the shower was spending time with sweet friends!

Event #3: My Mom's Birthday Party
On Sunday we celebrated my mom's 35th birthday! 
(ha! just kidding...she's not really 35....we'll just pretend)
She received a Bible and a lounge chair for their back porch.
So, we thought that it would be perfect for her to read her Bible while catching a few rays!
My sweet friend Gretchen decided to join us for the party. It was great! Just like old times! She has always been part of the family.
That pretty much sums up the weekend!
Hope you guys had a good one.

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Jennifer Tschepikow said...

what a fun weekend!! you and gretchen look too cute =)