Friday, April 24, 2009

LR Marathon 2009

On March 15th (I know, this is long overdue) a group of us ran in the LR Marathon. I wish I could say that we ran the whole thing...but we did the Relay.
This was our team. I ran the 1st leg, Del ran the 2nd, Michael ran the 3rd, and Ashley brought us home. It was fantastic. The "marathon atmosphere" was so fun that it kind of made me want to do the full marathon (or maybe the 1/2) next year!

And as it turns out...look who made the paper the next day?!
If you look in the lower right hand corner of the picture, see the girl with the black jacket on....THATS ME!! How fun! There were over 6,000 runners...what are the chances? Ha! If you look more towards the middle of the picture, the guy in the orange shirt is one of our Community Group leaders, Kevin. It was a great way to start a spring Sunday morning!

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Dirty Laundry said...

that's awesome! i love all the inspirational running stories :)...i'm getting better!