Saturday, May 30, 2009

Introducing...Caleb Scott Wilson

After logging onto my blog a few times....I realized that Penn Gillette's face (in the previous post) is kind of I just wanted to apologize for making you look at that. But, I think this face will totally reverse any damage that was done!

Caleb Scott Wilson
He is the newest member to our little "friendship groupie"...and the baby of our good friends, Josh and Katie Wilson. He was born Thursday night at 7:45. So, as soon as my eyes could open on Friday morning (which was at 4 am), I rushed up to NWA to see this precious little miracle!

Josh and Katie are going to be great parents. Their love for the Lord, one another, and others, will just spill over into Caleb's life. He is one fortunate boy to have them as parents!
Pam, Katie, Erin, and Myself have been friends...really since high school. Then in college, we were all part of an accountability group together. I cherish their friendship. 
Since Katie was the first to have a baby.....
Who Will Be Next?!
I'll keep you posted on that one! :)

Caleb Scott Wilson
8 lbs. & 3 oz.

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