Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mrs. Fix-It

If you will remember with me for a moment....
We have a wonderful fireplace here in our little cozy abode that we enjoyed nightly during the cold wintery season. But now, since it has started to get a little warmer and windier, we have been suffocating from the "fireplace" smell in our living room. I know what you are thinking, "Well, why don't you just clean it out?" Well....we did. And it still smelled! I mean, the smell couldn't have gotten any stronger unless you stuck your head in the fireplace. So, I decided to fix the least temporarily! :)
Ta-Da! It's fixed! :)
Nothin' that a few trash bags and painters tape couldn't fix!
Del made fun of me all night while I was doing it, but low and behold, the next morning...guess what smell was no absent from our living room? Yep! Fireplace-Ash-Smell!! It was glorious! Now we are trying to find a way to fix it permanently... because even though this solved it for the time's not the most attractive sight on the planet! :)

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J.Bailey Occasions said...

Okay, so this may sound silly but if you put lots and lots of newspapers in there it will absorb the smell. Crinkle them up & throw them in and let it sit for a couple of days. Or, kitty litter absorbs just about any smell as well! :)