Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 21st....

....Might be the beginning of something spectacular. That's right, it the Season Premier of So You Think You Can Dance!!! They announced it the other night, and I literally started screaming! Last summer, while Del was at Officer Basic Training, it was the show that I looked forward to every it kind of made the time go by faster. If you didn't watch it last summer, here are some of the highlights:

When I was on the treadmill yesterday, this song came on my iPod, and I inherently started doing this dance to it! Ha! I'm sure that was a sight to see.

I talked to my friend, Val, last night (b/c we watched it together last summer) and I asked her..."How could it get any better than last season?" and she assured me that it will be. I sure hope so because I have super high expectations.

I don't usually blog about TV shows (even though I know you guys are aware of my huge obsession with The Biggest Loser)...but this one is worth it! May 21st starts the auditions...and you FOR SURE don't want to miss those!

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Ginny said...

You'll be happy to know that I have May 21 on my calendar since January so I am counting the days with you!!

Of course, I hope it's on itunes or online somewhere, otherwise I will have to wait some months and get the whole season.

I watch the last season often on dvd.