Thursday, June 25, 2009

To Be Remembered

My Mom Remembers Him Like This:

I Remember Him Like This:
But today, everyone in America is Remembering Michael Jackson in a million different ways. Maybe some with sadness, and maybe some, like me, that just remember him as part of my childhood. We listened to his music constantly, and honestly, I still listen to it every once in a while.
(Even as I'm writing this, I'm singing "Remember the Time")
But today, we say Good-bye to one of our country's 1st American Idols.
Michael Jackson, you will be remembered.

But, it makes me ask the question, "How will you be remembered?" Hopefully it's by more than just "hair-do's" and "re-do's". Maybe even more than being a good mother or father. I hope that each of you are remembered by the way you loved and served the Lord, and the way you loved and served others. Those 2 things will last a lot longer than a "hair-do" or a "re-do" on your face.
Those 2 things will last for eternity.

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