Friday, July 3, 2009

Golf Date #2

I don't know if you can "technically" count 1 day as 2 dates...but I'm going to try.

After our first round of golf, I was drenched in sweat, so we came home and did some yard work. Then we headed out for round #2! I will say it was much cooler...or at least less humid.
That "technically comment" makes me giggle a little, because after we finished a hole, Del would ask, "what did you get?" And I would respond with "technically, I got a 5...but let's count it as a 4". (I would only respond with that comment if I didn't like my "actual" score)
Yep, that's how I like to play golf!

Afterwards we ran to the store to pick up some stuff to grill for dinner. We grilled kabobs...and they were D-LISH!

Then I had the hankering to make something "festive and fruity", so we decided on Fruit Pizza! Yumm!!
The perfect 4th of July Dessert!
We are so excited about the 4th of July tomorrow! Last year, Del was at Officer Basic Training, and I was driving to LR with a friend to paint our house on the night of the 4th. I know, bad planning. So, we are looking to "redeem" ourselves tomorrow by watching some serious fireworks! Hope you guys have a great day of celebration!

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