Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Great 4th of July!

Del and I had a wonderful 4th of July! We started it off with a bang (no pun intended!), by sleeping a solid 11 hours! Woo-hoo!! Then we headed off to Farmer's Market, where we picked up these lovely Zinnias and some yummy sweet corn. (Yep, it's official, I am a corn-on-the cob-aholic. I absolutely can't get enough of it!)
Then, this evening we headed down to the river to get a good seat for the firework show. When we walked up to the gate, a nice lady asked us "if we would like these free tickets to watch the fireworks from the bridge!" Well, OF COURSE!!!
If I don't say so myself, we had the best seat in the house! It was awesome!!
I don't know if Burt would say the same. He is one that really likes staying on solid walking around on a bridge was a little much...and he had no idea that there was about to be a lot of stuff exploding around him!
We got a little worried about the chance of rain, but thankfully the clouds went North, and we got to experience a beautiful sunset...while eating the most gigantic corn dog you have ever seen. Del took a picture of me with it...but I deleted it because I didn't want to have any memory of putting that into my body. How can something be so glorious, but so disgusting all at the same time?
But then, the fireworks started...and I'm sure Burt was thinking that his life was about to end. He's a naturally-terrified animal to begin with, so throw some really loud fireworks into the mix, and he's pretty much ready to call it quits.
The fireworks were beautiful, and it was a perfect way to end the evening!
Happy 4th of July, Friends!

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