Wednesday, July 8, 2009


A month or so ago, I asked Del if I could get P90X for my anniversary gift. I know, weird, right? Who asks for a work-out program for their anniversary gift? But, at the time it was what I thought really wanted. (Since then I have found many cute dresses that would have probably sufficed.) So, we agreed...but we had no idea what we were really getting into. After the first day of Plyometrics (which is jump training) this is what we looked like.
What you can't see is that we are DRENCHED in sweat and can barely move. Total exhaustion. So, we did it faithfully for a couple of weeks, took a week off...and then got back on the "P90X-train-of-Tony-domination"last night (Tony is the lead trainer)...and it was not pretty. I can barely move my arms this morning. But we need to be faithful stewards of our to get dominated once again!
Does anyone else out there do P90X? If so, can we start an encouragement support group. I think I'm really going to need it!


Kari Beth said...

i want to see before and after pictures!!!

Ginny said...

Sister Christian - you can do it! I am in week 8 and Tony is dominating my life.

Sarah Fries said...

Good Luck guys!!! My hubby wanted to try it out too and I jumped on the wagon. I slowly fell off the wagon and figured I need to be in a little bit of shape to even turn the DVDs on! Ha, but Pat has been trying to go strong. It will probably be more like p180x b/c he misses days just due to our busy lifestyle! Keep up the good work so maybe you can encourage me to get off the couch and try it again!

The Slonekers said...

Before and After Pictures, Kari Beth, I don't think so! I would like for people to keep reading this blog and not be disgusted by it! :)