Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I "heart" NWA

"Home is where the Heart is."
I think that the older I get, the more I'm starting to believe that statement couldn't be more true. There really is "no place like home", is there?

On my last trip "home" my good friend, Sarah Mayo, gave me this shirt! She is so fun and crafty, and this shirt couldn't me more appropriate for what my heart is feeling at this time in my life. Sometimes Del and I feel that our hearts really is still in the NW corner of the state...but they are slowly moving south on I40. Hey, at least we are moving together, right?!
If you love this shirt too, Sarah can make one for you, lickety-split! Or, maybe your heart isn't in AR, she can make you a shirt for wherever your heart resides. (Like sometimes, I feel like my heart resides at Rick's Bakery!) She also makes super cute baby booties and onesies. She has pictures of them on her Facebook page.
I hope your heart is happy, wherever you are today!

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Chris, Sarah and Kate said...

It was so fun seeing you at Rick's this weekend! I'm totally with ya on "hearting" Northwest Arkansas. LR wasn't my favorite place when we actually lived there but now that we've moved away I miss certain parts of it. :) Enjoy Del's 2nd year!