Saturday, August 15, 2009

3 & 5 Are Finally Here!!

"Sweet Girl" and "Little Mister" just celebrated their birthdays! It was a much anticipated event, to say the least. Sweet Girl and I have been talking about her turning 5 now, for a good six months! She has been very excited about all the things that will come with it like; kindergarten, birthday parties, the possibility of loosing a tooth, growing know, the usual! :)
They had their birthday party at Wonder Place...which, in my opinion, is TRULY Wonderful!!
They also had Tommy the Terrific perform. He was really fun!
It was a really special afternoon. I am so grateful for this job and this family. They have made the transition to LR so much easier.
I have a feeling that Little Mister and I are going to have a fun year together, while his big sister is at Kindergarten!
Sweet Girl is officially 5!
We are now starting to talk about what 6 will be like!

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