Monday, October 26, 2009

Avoiding Murphy

If you will remember with me a year ago...we had just moved into our rent house...and we had {what you might call} a string of "unfortunate events".
Does this ring a bell?
Yes, all in one week...we got broken into...Del's phone went down the garbage disposal...I began my string of hurting myself in the kitchen...and then on Friday, a tree fell from our neighbor's yard and totaled our car.

So, when we moved into this new house, we were ready for stuff to start going wrong. But when the first week went by without any "hiccups", our pessimistic selves were surprised! All until last Friday. That's when this happened:
No, I didn't meet Will Smith or Eva Mendes. But when I woke up Friday morning, my face had an uncanny resemblance to Will Smith's from Hitch. I had just switched to a new face wash on Wednesday. On Thursday night, towards the end of Bible Study, my face started itching really bad. Then on Friday morning when I woke up, it had swelled up, turned bright red, and felt like it was on fire! If it hadn't of been for the Zyrtec that I immediately started taking {and then a whole lot of Benadryl at night}, I think my eyes would have swelled shut. Del tried to encourage me by saying, "It it makes you feel any better, it {your face} is smaller than it was your Freshman year in college!" WOAH! That means it must have been pretty noticeable. :) Ha! We had a good laugh about it, but thankfully it is finally back to normal.

"Murphy's Law" states that "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".
With that being said, I want you to know that I don't believe in "luck", "fortunes", "horoscopes" or anything of that nature. I believe that God is control of everything that goes on in the universe, big and small, physical and spiritual, good and bad.

His plan and purposes are bigger than we could ever imagine. And that is a Truth to take to the bank. Because when things like, your face swelling up or a tree totaling your car happen, I have to believe that God has a bigger plan behind it. Whether it be blessing you with a lesson in humility or blessing you with a check from your insurance company, God always knows what you need right then and there.

And today, God knew that I needed to laugh. After a week of having a face so swollen that it hurt to smile, I embraced this clip with open arms. I've already watched it about 20 times, and I honestly think it gets funnier each time. I hope this brings as much laughter to your day as it has mine!

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