Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New House!!

Sorry for my lack of blogging recently...but we've had a few things going on...

I feel older and more mature every time I say the word...Homeowners! The house is wonderful, and I think we love and appreciate it more and more each day. It's not much bigger than the one we were renting, but it's definitely one we can "grow" into (if God has that in His plans for the next few years).

We have "officially" been in the house for 13 days now. But, we wouldn't be as settled as we are if it weren't for the WONDERFUL help we had. To kick off the Moving Extravaganza, Del's best bud, Josh Lawson, came down to surprise him and help us move on Friday. I will say, that I was pretty proud of myself for keeping that a secret for a whole week! There were so many times that I just wanted to blurt out, "Josh is coming on Friday"...but I held out, and it was worth the wait!

Here's how it went down:
Del had his final test before Fall Break on Friday, so when he called to say he was done, I said "I" was on my way to pick him up. Meanwhile, Jos
h had been there all morning helping my mom and I pack and move boxes. So, Josh and I jumped in his truck and drove over to pick Del up. When we got there, Josh got out of the car and surprised Del (and I snapped a few pics of the special moment)!
Ahh, it brings a tear to my eye just playing it back in my head!

I love surprises, and this was a REALLY good one!
Del was so surprised! It was a great way to kick off Fall Break!

Then on Saturday morning a group of guys from Del's class came over to start The Big Move! It was amazing that these guys came over to help on their first day of Fall Break. God truly has blessed us with great friends. Not only did we move out of our old house and into the new one, but we also moved Allison (who I did the Tri with) out of her house and into our old one! And all before 4:30!! It was unbelievable! After all that hard work, everyone came over for some BBQ (that Del had on the smoker all day) and an Old School Nintendo Tournament.

...If you are saying to yourself, that game looks really familiar, it probably is. Yep, it's Ninja Turtles Arcade. Only the classics, baby.
I really don't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did that night.

Since that crazy weekend, we've spent the majority of our time unpacking boxes and watching a lot of LOST. {We just finished Season 3, so we WILL be all caught up by the time Season 6 airs in January. Here we go again...addicted to another TV show!}

But, if you are every in the neighborhood or just passing by, please stop in. Our door is always open!


Kari Beth said...

congratulations! so excited for you guys :)

Kara @ MADE 2 CREATE said...

Yeah for the Slonekers!! Hope you enjoy your new home!! And I can't wait to see how you decorate it, Erin says you have a very cute style!! Be sure to post some pics!