Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lotus

Happy Birthday Laurie!!
Thumbs up is right!! Because it's your BIRTHDAY!!
Well, actually today is not your birthday. Yesterday was (in the US) but since you are in China...I don't know if you are celebrating it today, or 2 days ago. I can't remember. But if you are truly the Birthday've been celebrating it ALL MONTH!
Make sure you tell Luke that being the Birthday Princess means you get Shotgun at all times in the car (wait, do you have a car in China? if not, tell the bus driver that you get shotgun) and make sure you get the first pick on the flavor of tootsie pop you want after lunch everyday. Those were the rules in high school, so surely they still apply now, right?
You are such a special friend, Laurie, and I hope you have had a great year so far in China. I'll be sending a hug for you with Gretchen when she comes to visit.

I love you, my little Lotus!

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Laurie said...

Thanks Chelsea!! I've been dreaming of the day I might make the blog. This is a really sweet gift and I really appreciate it. Love you.