Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh NO! Not again!!

*Note: As I'm typing this I have Brittany Spears "Oops I did it again" Stuck in my head...
Now I'm sure you do too...
I'm glad we can share in this suffering together.*

Oh yes, it happened again.
Another allergic reaction to a new face wash.
This time, a new culprit. One that I thought would be so innocent and nice. Oh no! The package deceived me again.

I'm not really sure why I keep buying acne face wash..I don't have acne!
I knew the allergic reaction had hit when my face all the sudden got real itchy, and within a few hours it felt like a torch had been lit underneath my skin! Not fun.

So, I rushed over to Glo, and thankfully my friend Leah was working. It truly was a blessing to see her, because she currently lives in Memphis, so the fact that she was in LR made me REALLY happy! I told her my face was on fire (ha!) and she hooked me up with their esthetician....and this is what she sent me home with...


...oh yeah, that's a lot of samples!


But it seems to have calmed the fire, which is always a good thing! :)
If anyone has any suggestions of really great face washes/cleansers/toners/serums/night creams/daily moisturizers that are good for sensitive/dry skin with a little bit of rosacea....I'm open to any suggestions before I take the plunge and buy this brand.
Thanks! You guys are the best.


Mary Virginia said...

Oh chelsea that is awful! Clinique products do that to my skin. Random, I know. Is it Murad that Glo gave you? I started using Murad last Fall and I really like it. I do have problems with acne so I'm sure they gave you something different from what I use, but even their acne products are mild but effective. I still swear by Cetaphil. The cleanser isn't strong enough for my acne -prone skin, but it might be perfect for you if you're really sensitive. I use the moisturizer all over - face and body - and LOVE it. Hope that helps!

Kristin said...

I still swear by Proactiv...it has done wonders for my skin since I got it about a year ago! I also agree with Mary about the Cetaphil...I have personally never used it, but I have only heard good things from friends that have! They say it is very sensitive and mild. I have a huge bottle if you would like to borrow it for a few days and try it on your skin before you purchase it ( I use it to clean my make-up brushes!!) =)

The Slonekers said...

Thanks girls, this IS really helpful. Mare, yes it is Murad that they gave me and I think I'll go buy it tomorrow because it does seem to be helping. Kristin, getting Cetaphil to clean my make-up brushes is a good idea. I'm just now really worried about buying ANY face products from Wal-Mart....so I'll check Target for Cetaphil! :) ha!