Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back Together Again

Our Wednesday Night Dinners are back in Session!
Josh & Sydney hosted this week and it was super yummy. {Thanks Guys!} But my favorite part was that everyone stuck around and hug out. Since we just came off of Spring Break, I was really feeling like I hadn't seen these girls in 100 it was super fun to talk and just catch up.


"We" are in the home stretch of the 2nd year of Med School, which is a really good feeling....for both of us. We were told how hard the 2nd year is, but I think until you actually walk through it, you really have NO idea. But, it's different for this has just been our experience. Del takes the Boards on June 25 and then they start Rotations on July 7th. So, we will have a enough of a break to catch our breath and then he's off to the races again. We are excited to see what this next phase of life {known as 3rd & 4th year} looks like. But as for now, we are not longing for the future, but just enjoying where God has us today.
I hope you are having a great week so far, and have been able to spend some time reflecting on the sacrifice our Savior made for our salvation as we approach Easter.
He is worth it.

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