Sunday, April 18, 2010

Always an Event

We can make pretty much anything an event around here.
For example: going to Wal-Mart.


Since LR isn't like NWA, where there is a Wal-Mart of every corner, we have to be pretty strategic about when we are going and if we really think it is worth it to drive across town to get groceries for the week. So, last week, the girls and I decided to carpool over to Wal-Mart and make it a little group outing! :)

I mean, you'd think that we all lived out in the middle of nowhere by the way I'm describing our grocery "predicament"....but we don't! We live right in the middle of town, but the nearest Wal-Mart is at least 15 minutes no matter which way you go.

So, when Susan & Kristin showed up at my house, they were both wearing the EXACT same Hogs I decided to put one on as well. :)
(we are dorks...and yes, we went to the store dressing alike.)

But, surprisingly, I think the group "outing" worked out well! We filled up my entire car with all the groceries...but other than that, it was a huge success! I can see many more of these in the future...maybe minus the matching shirts though.


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