Friday, May 28, 2010

Best. Surprise. Ever.

Wednesday night we had everyone over to our house for dinner. And what a dinner it was!
The food was good...yadda yadda...but the best part was what "we had cooked up" for dessert.

The reason we had something "cooked up" was because we were going to reveal the little secret that

Let's see...where should I begin? Well, I went to visit her on Monday at Houndstooth to get a few shirts for Del and also to meet one of her friends I'd been hearing so much about. Well, when I got there she said, "Chelsea, guess what?....I'm pregnant!" At that moment my mind immediately went into planning mode.

I knew that we would be having everyone over to the house for dinner on Wednesday, so it would be the PERFECT surprise! Susan agreed, so we tossed up a few ideas and finally landed on using Prego Sauce in some form or fashion, especially since we were having pasta that night anyway!

Del and I looked around online for some ideas later that night, when all the sudden HE said, "How about you use their Christmas Card picture!" It was perfect.
Remember this?:

Well, I worked a little Photoshop magic and turned it into this!:


It wasn't really magic. It was actually pretty simple. But it did make me feel like a professional graphic designer for a split second. ha!

But how perfect is it that Prego's Slogan is "it's in there"! ha! I still can't believe it.

We sent the pictures in to get printed and then attached them to the tops of actual Prego Jars.


And then we loved the idea so much we got it printed on a cake! :)
Thank you Mickey's for doing this last minute for us! It was wonderful!!


Susan got there before everyone else did to help me with dinner {that's a story in & of itself!} but also so we could work out the logistics of how all this was going to go down.

We finally figured it out that we would bring the Prego jars out "for dessert". So, when it got to be about the time, I knew if my heart was about to beat out of my chest...hers was too. And once I saw her legs shaking under the table, I took that as my cue to get this ball rollin'!

Del and I teamed up and brought the jars out together on 2 platters...and this is a little picture of the reaction from everyone:

Hahaha! Kristin was excited, Susan about passed out from being so nervous, Hanna was confused, and Sydney was just really happy.


But in the end...we are all just really excited that there will be a baby to love on this winter!


After all the excitement calmed down for a little bit, we of course had to get individual shots with the Prego Herself! :)


Ahhh, what a fun night! And now everyone had a little memento to remind them of this special time together.


Chris & Susan,
We are SO excited for you two and the family God is kitting together at this very moment. Del and I are so thankful for your friendship and how the Lord brought you into our lives at the perfect moment. God's timing is all over this pregnancy, and I'm so glad that you are learning more about Him through it.
Thanks for letting us share in your joy. It was a night we will never forget!
We love you guys!


Katie said...

Love your idea! So fun! In fact, can I post that on my blog? Congrats to the adorable couple!

The Slonekers said...

Katie! What an honor! Of course you can post that on your blog!!

Faith said...

This is SO cute!! Love your blog - such a cute design.