Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unexpected Visit

Our fiends Ben and Ashley came into town this past Tuesday...and as always we had a BLAST. As soon as they got in town Tuesday afternoon, we headed straight to US Pizza, because Ashley said she had a "hankin'" for it. So, when we got back to the house we noticed two women standing in the front yard. I didn't think much of it, because there are always people out on our street...but once we started to walk in the house they yelled "HELLO?!"

So, we went over to talk to them and they asked if I lived here and when I replied "yes", one of them said, "Because this is my old house". Woah! They immediately opened up their scrapbook and started showing us pictures from 1960, because one lived in this house and the other lived across the street. ha!

We invited them in to look around and reminisce. It was so fun hearing their stories and imagining what it was like to live here in the 60's.

Here is a picture of them by the front door! How crazy is that?!

A few days later, Del and I received a Thank You card in the mail....yes, we are lovin' some Thank You cards these days! :)
But the card thanked us for inviting them in and letting them look around. But the coolest part was when she mentioned how excited she was when she saw our Crosses and Scripture we had on the walls & around the house. She said, "My parents must have prayed that Christians would some day live there.....It's so neat the way God orders our steps." It encouraged me to know that the house we live in has a rich spiritual heritage, and now {through pictures} we've seen the faces of the ones that once prayed inside these walls.

Don't you just love moments like these that increase your faith?!

"How great are His signs, how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom; His dominion endures from generation to generation." -Daniel 4:3

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